Kanye West Has Lost It (ft. Surreal Entertainment) | Some Ordinary Podcast #44

Free To Try Wondershare Filmora Video Editor – Meet Your Favorite Video Effects – #wondershare #filmora #madewithfilmora Surreal Entertainment joins us to talk about his unique content style, Kanye West’s mental breakdown and more.

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We Debated a Banned Twitch Streamer (ft. Destiny) | Some Ordinary Podcast #42

Destiny joins the podcast once again to talk about the recent Twitch drama, deep dive into old controversies, and talk about the state of online discourse.

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ASMR Has Gone Too Far (ft. Gibi) | Some Ordinary Podcast #40

Gibi ASMR joins us to talk about weird YouTube content, what it’s like being in the ASMR community, and videogames. A big thanks to our sponsor! Go to and use code: ORDINARY for 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping in the US & Canada (some exclusions apply).

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