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It’s Over | Some Ordinary Podcast #77

Nux and Muta go solo in this episode and talk about the recent Faze drama, the recent arrest of a TikTok “prank” channel, and more.

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The 92% Decline Of SunnyV2 (ft. Kwebbelkop) | Some Ordinary Podcast #76

Based GAMER Kwebbelkop joins the podcast to talk about future technology, the ethics of artificial intelligence, his thoughts on SunnyV2’s infamous video about him, and more.

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The World’s Most Insecure Podcast (ft. WillyMacShow) | Some Ordinary Podcast #75

Get 3 extra months free with a 12-month plan of ExpressVPN with our exclusive link: Willymacshow joins us to talk about Sneako drama, the Fresh and Fit podcast, and more.

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Sneako Keeps Getting Worse (ft. Brandon Buckingham) | Some Ordinary Podcast #73

Brandon Buckingham joins the podcast to talk about his beef with Sneako, Sam Hyde’s Fishtank ban, and the hypocrisy of “alpha” males.

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This Mr. Beast Controversy Is INSANE (ft. Vince Vintage) | Some Ordinary Podcast #72

The Gamer from Mars and Vince Vintage join the podcast to talk about the aftermath of Creator Clash, Sam Hyde’s new reality show, and the recent Chris Tyson controversy.

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