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Twitch Drama Went Nuclear (ft. Tectone) | Some Ordinary Podcast #41

Tectone and The Gamer from Mars both join us to talk about the recent explosion of drama on Twitch, Pokemon and more. Thanks to Established Titles for sponsoring this video! They are now running a massive sale. Go to and help support the...

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ASMR Has Gone Too Far (ft. Gibi) | Some Ordinary Podcast #40

Gibi ASMR joins us to talk about weird YouTube content, what it’s like being in the ASMR community, and videogames. A big thanks to our sponsor! Go to and use code: ORDINARY for 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping in the US...

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Try Not To Get AGE RESTRICTED Challenge (ft. Wendigoon) | Some Ordinary Podcast #39

Iceberg and online horror expert Wendigoon joins the Some Ordinary Podcast once again to help us desperately avoid getting age restricted.

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Sneako Is Out of Control (Ft. YourBudTevin) | Some Ordinary Podcast #38

YourBudTevin joins us to talk about YouTube and Twitch’s broken policies, dodging age restrictions, and insane anime dubs.

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The Saddest Downward Spiral in YouTube History (ft. Zeepsterd) | Some Ordinary Podcast #37

Zeepsterd joins us to talk about his recent rise in popularity on YouTube, the finale to Better Call Saul, and the recent Def Noodles controversy.

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Our Boy Got Cancelled for Having Kids (ft. CinnamonToastKen) | Some Ordinary Podcast #36

CinnamonToastKen joins us to talk about being a YouTuber and a parent, his experience as a more family-friendly channel, and some of the latest drama online.

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