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Penguinz0 Is Suing The U.S. Government (ft. Atozy) | Some Ordinary Podcast #127

Atozy joins the podcast to discuss Charlie’s lawsuit against the government, Vitaly’s return on Kick and more.

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Elsagate 2.0 Is Happening Right Now (ft. Raymundo 2112) | Some Ordinary Podcast #125

Go to and enter SOP at checkout to get 100 free blades with your purchase. (Note: you must add both the 100-blade pack and the razor for the discount to apply. Raymundo joins the podcast to discuss a new wave of disturbing kids’...

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These Game Companies are Ruining The Industry (ft. Accursed Farms) | Some Ordinary Podcast #124

Ross (Accursed Farms) joins the podcast to talk about his initiative to improve unethical practices in the gaming industry. You can learn more about his cause at:

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Oompaville Situation Is Insane (ft. Kallmekris) | Some Ordinary Podcast #123

Protect your privacy and get a two-week free trial of our sponsor Aura using our link: Kallmekris joins the podcast to talk about her experience on YouTube, controversial streamers and more.

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The Current State of Chris Chan (ft. TheGamerFromMars) | Some Ordinary Podcast #122

The Gamer from Mars joins the podcast again to talk about his recent experience interviewing Chris Chan, the predatory nature of MCNs, and more.

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