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The New Pokémon Games Are Embarrassing…. (ft.LS Mark) | Some Ordinary Podcast #49

LS Mark joins the podcast to talk about Sonic Frontiers, what to do during the apocalypse, and the new Pokémon games Scarlet/Violet.

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The Return of Penguinz0 (ft.Charlie) | Some Ordinary Podcast #48

Charlie joins us once again to talk about hilaurious conspiracy theories, his resemblance to our lord and savior Jesus, and Elon’s Twitter takeover. Big thanks to Native for sponsoring this episode! Go to and use code SOP at checkout for 20% off your...

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Elon Musk Twitter Drama is Insane (ft. Gamer From Mars) | Some Ordinary Podcast #47

Gamer from Mars joins the podcast again to talk about self-improvment, Elon’s takeover of Twitter, and YouTubers that can’t seem to keep their money.

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We’re Getting Redpilled (ft. Aba) | Some Ordinary Podcast #46

Try Cold Brew Club for yourself: Use code “1BUCK” with any subscription to order for only .99 cents per cup! Aba from the “Aba N Preach” channel joins the podcast to talk about the Kanye controversy, Ethan Klein vs. Ben Shapiro, and whether...

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Keem Went Too Far This Time (ft. Keemstar) | Some Ordinary Podcast #45

The boys talk with Keemstar once again, asking him to clarify his takes about the Amouranth situation on Twitter, his recent business ventures, and some of the more interesting online controversies he’s been involved in.

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Kanye West Has Lost It (ft. Surreal Entertainment) | Some Ordinary Podcast #44

Free To Try Wondershare Filmora Video Editor – Meet Your Favorite Video Effects – #wondershare #filmora #madewithfilmora Surreal Entertainment joins us to talk about his unique content style, Kanye West’s mental breakdown and more.

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