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Twitch Doesn’t Know What They’re Doing | Some Ordinary Podcast #107

Get 3 extra months free with a 12-month plan of ExpressVPN with our exclusive link: *DISCLAIMER: This episode was recorded over a week ago. Some information regarding certain events might have changed since. The boys discuss the new Twitch category disaster, the new...

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SSSniperWolf’s Biggest Victim Comes Forward (ft. Azzyland) | Some Ordinary Podcast #106

Customize your engagement ring or jewelry piece today with James Allen and get 25% off at! Azzyland joins the podcast to talk about her personal experiences with SSSniperWolf.

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The Completionist Is Out Of Control | Some Ordinary Podcast #105

The boys talk about The Completionist situation, Hbomberguy’s video on plagiarism, and more.

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The Dream Allegations Are a Mess (ft. Turkey Tom) Some Ordinary Podcast #104

Protect your privacy and get a two-week free trial of our sponsor Aura using our link: Turkey Tom comes on to talk about the MamaMax situation, Dream’s terrible responses to the allegations, and more.

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Dream Keeps Making Things Worse (ft. Kwite) Some Ordinary Podcast #103

Kwite joins the podcast again to talk about the Dream situation, Pokimane’s response to the backlash, and more.

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Pokimane Is Out Of Touch (ft. Chef Brian Tsao) | Some Ordinary Podcast #102

Chef Brian Tsao joins the podcast to discuss Pokimane’s massive cookie drama, the recent scandal surrounding The Completionist, and more.

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