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The SLAP That Broke The Internet (ft. Houston Jones) | Some Ordinary Podcast #17

We talk with literal gigachad Houson Jones about his evolution as a content creator, getting kicked in the liver, and YouTube’s viability as a source of income.

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We *PRANKED* a YouTuber by Destroying His Porsche (ft Plainrock124) | Some Ordinary Podcast #16

In this episode we talk to the master of destruction himself Plainrock124 to talk about his rise to YouTube popularity, Rolex watches, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Meeting Chris Chan IRL (ft GamerFromMars) | SOP#15

In this episode we bring on The Gamer From Mars to talk about internet mysteries, Chris Chan and the latest in internet culture.

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People Are FURIOUS About Elden Ring (ft AfroSenju XL) | Some Ordinary Podcast #13

The boys talk with certified epic GAMER AfroSenju about Elden Ring, video game nostalgia, and how he almost lost his YouTube channel to hackers.

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Who is the Dumbest YouTuber? (ft Jaubrey) | Some Ordinary Podcast #12

YouTuber and Kanye West expert Jaubrey joins us to talk about music, the state of YouTube as a platform and the mind numbingly low IQ levels of popular vloggers.

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