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Elsagate 2.0 Is Happening Right Now (ft. Raymundo 2112) | Some Ordinary Podcast #125

Go to and enter SOP at checkout to get 100 free blades with your purchase. (Note: you must add both the 100-blade pack and the razor for the discount to apply. Raymundo joins the podcast to discuss a new wave of disturbing kids’...

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These Game Companies are Ruining The Industry (ft. Accursed Farms) | Some Ordinary Podcast #124

Ross (Accursed Farms) joins the podcast to talk about his initiative to improve unethical practices in the gaming industry. You can learn more about his cause at:

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Oompaville Situation Is Insane (ft. Kallmekris) | Some Ordinary Podcast #123

Protect your privacy and get a two-week free trial of our sponsor Aura using our link: Kallmekris joins the podcast to talk about her experience on YouTube, controversial streamers and more.

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The Current State of Chris Chan (ft. TheGamerFromMars) | Some Ordinary Podcast #122

The Gamer from Mars joins the podcast again to talk about his recent experience interviewing Chris Chan, the predatory nature of MCNs, and more.

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Sneako Just Got Annihilated (ft. Gokanaru) | Some Ordinary Podcast #121

Gokanaru joins the show to talk about his legendary video about Sneako, the dangers of “alpha male” influencers and more.

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The Destruction of George Not Found (ft. WillyMacShow) | Some Ordinary Podcast #120

Get 50% off your first order of CookUnity meals — go to and use our code SOP50 at checkout to try them out for yourself! Thanks to CookUnity for sponsoring this video! WillyMacShow joins the podcast again to discuss his ongoing feud with...

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