ASMR Has Gone Too Far (ft. Gibi) | Some Ordinary Podcast #40

Gibi ASMR joins us to talk about weird YouTube content, what it’s like being in the ASMR community, and videogames. A big thanks to our sponsor! Go to and use code: ORDINARY for 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping in the US & Canada (some exclusions apply).

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The Nux Face Reveal (ft. Hartvigen) | Some Ordinary Podcast #32

Get 3 extra months free with a 12-month plan of ExpressVPN with our exclusive link: Cultured YouTuber Hartvigen joins us to talk about dodging demonetization, crypto casinos, and what it’s like being Nux’s alter-ego.

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We’re Being Silenced (ft. Dantavius) | Some Ordinary Podcast #32

Click the link or use promo code SOP at checkout to get 25 dollars off each pair of Vessi shoes: Internet Iceberg expert Dantavius joins us to talk about internet lore, the state of YouTube, and his never-ending bottle of Dr. K soda.

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