We Can’t Stop Laughing at Johnny Depp’s Trial (ft Ghost Gum) | Some Ordinary Podcast #22

Get 3 extra months free with a 12-month plan of ExpressVPN with our exclusive link: Internet chronicler Ghost Gum joins us to talk about the ongoing Johhny Depp VS. Amber Heard trial, the degradation of Reddit, and the Palestinian Mickey Mouse.

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The SLAP That Broke The Internet (ft. Houston Jones) | Some Ordinary Podcast #17

We talk with literal gigachad Houson Jones about his evolution as a content creator, getting kicked in the liver, and YouTube’s viability as a source of income.

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Meeting Chris Chan IRL (ft GamerFromMars) | SOP#15

In this episode we bring on The Gamer From Mars to talk about internet mysteries, Chris Chan and the latest in internet culture.

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