We’re Getting Cancelled For This One (ft CallMeCarson) | Some Ordinary Podcast #3

Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment. In this episode, the boys are joined by CallMeCarson and deep dive into dead youtuber spirit boxes, Steve Harvey’s multiple marriages and North Korea clickbaiting the public. Timestamps 0:00:38 – Speaking To The Dead…

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We Found the Worst Internet Scams (ft Coffeezilla) | Some Ordinary Podcast #2

On this episode, the boys are joined by CoffeZilla and talk everything from Keanu Reeves mocking NFTs to their love for Ninja Timestamps:00:02:45 – Bored Apes00:04:00 – Pokimane and Her Love For Kids00:06:20 – XQC, Ninja, and LiveStreamFails00:08:43 – Crypto Frauds and Scams00:17:29 – How Oompa Lost $250,00000:23:25 – Keanu Reeves Mocks NFTs00:27:14 – Crypto…

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Moist Cr1TiKaL Enters The Chat | Some Ordinary Podcast #1

On the podcast’s maiden voyage, hosts Muta, Oompa, and Nux will speak to to the one and only Charlie, aka Moistcr1tikal, aka, penguinz0.

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